ArcusStoneĀ® is the original and leading source for a fully integrated, color-coordinated system of decorative limestone coatings for interior and exterior use.

Our ArcusStonecoatā„¢ is made with crushed limestone that's reconstituted using our proprietary formula. Offering architects, designers and contractors the look and feel of quarried stone with a strength and durability that is nothing short of remarkable. Applied exclusively by trained applicators, ArcusStonecoat can achieve a wide range of aesthetic objectives, from elegant to authentic, without straining budgets or schedules.

Limestone also figures into the look and performance of our ArcusPlasterā„¢. Like ArcusStonecoat, it's available in many colors as well as custom colors. And with a compressive strength of 4,102 psi, it's pretty much in its own category. (And plenty woodpecker-proof.)