About us

MY-A Company was founded since 2001 with the objective of introducing the latest products and technologies in decorative architecture from the USA to the Vietnam building industry.

Founded under American International Technology Group, and managed by a group of Pham's brothers who were born in Vietnam, grown up and graduated with Engineering and MBA degrees from US Universities with many years of practical working experiences with major US Corporations such as Boeing Airplane company, Intel Corporation, Micron Technology, etc., not only we can bring the technologies from the US, but the US working corporate culture we are familiar with to build the culture of our company where you can rely on.

Up to now, with more than 10 years of experience, MY-A has been the undisputed leader in American made architectural concrete products and technologies provider in Vietnam, the Representative of well-known US manufacturers specialized in research and production of materials for decorative concrete products such as Brickform, Solomon Colors, CPD, Prosoco, SmithPaints, Propex, Omega Products, Schaefer Brush, H2Oil, etc. for Vietnam and South East Asia.

With increasing awareness and consumer demand for green building materials, MY-A constantly looks for environmental friendly products.

Over the years, with long-term vision and commitment, MY-A company has become well recognized in Vietnam as the leader in this business not only for the wide range of quality products it represents, but also the quality of services where clients can count on our company background and experiences of its staff who have traveled throughout Asia to provide training and technical support for local projects.

We can proudly say we are not the big corporation, but we have a team of management and staffs that can match the corporate organization. Our priority is quality of our products and the integrity of our service as proven by the US manufacturers we represent and the clients we serve.